Recovery Pack


Vitacore – Multivitamin and phytonutrients. Provides antioxidant support. Keeps mitochondria functioning optimally. Helps fight fatigue, boosts the immune system, supports healthy hormone levels.

Turmeric Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, has an established history of supporting a healthy inflammatory response while providing potent antioxidant activity, but its health benefits are limited by its poor absorption from the gut. Meriva® is a unique turmeric phosphatidylcholine complex (phytosome) that is significantly better absorbed than regular turmeric extracts. Meriva® enhances oral absorption by over 20-fold, thus helping to maximize the beneficial impact of turmeric on the body’s inflammatory response.

Collagen – Helps prevent and reduce exercise related pain. Stimulates collagen regeneration and helps maintain healthy connective tissue.

Liposomal GlutathioneGlutathione has been noted to be the most important antioxidant produced in the human body and is present in every cell of the body. With a myriad of functions, it may act to help protect cells from toxic exposures such as pesticides, fungicides and toxins in the air we breathe. It also supports the chelation of heavy metals which acts as a protectant against metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. Additionally, VARS Liposomal Glutathione Spray from Setria® contains reduced Glutathione which is the most bio-available form of Glutathione. It is a tripeptide consisting of three amino acids: Glutamate, Cysteine, and Glycine. Glutathione may help fight free radicals, and supports healthy liver function, nervous system and immune system.