PRO Biotics – Everyone should be taking a probiotic to replenish the gut with good bacteria, creating a healthy gut environment. 70-80% of our immune system is in our gut and many health issues can be related to dysbiosis. Probiotics can help a variety of body systems including immune, mood, skin, weight, digestion, etc. PRO Biotics does not require refrigeration, meaning it will not be forgotten in the back of the fridge and you can take it with you when you travel.

DigestALLBecause of our hectic lifestyle, and the way we often consume food that is frequently overcooked, digestion can often be less than optimal. A thorough digestion of foodstuffs with enzymes prevents foods from being fermented in the gut and the proliferation of “bad” bacteria and yeast at the expense of “good” intestinal bacteria. Another benefit of enzymes is that more nutrition can be derived from food. In addition, regular bowel movements result from this better digestion. DigestALL is specifically designed to support digestion and help unlock more nutrition from food.

Omega 3 – High dose fish oil. Most pure form available. 70% better absorption because it is in a natural triglyceride form. Fish oil is amazing for EVERYTHING. Lowers blood pressure. Reduces Triglycerides. Slows development of plaque in the arteries. Reduces the chance of heart attack and stroke. Supports healthy cholesterol levels. Reduces fatal arrhythmias.