Athlete Stack


VitaCore – Multivitamin and phytonutrients. Provides antioxidant support. Keeps mitochondria functioning optimally. Helps fight fatigue, boosts the immune system, supports healthy hormone levels.

DHEA 10mg – DHEA is great for increasing men’s testosterone levels, helping to improve exercise performance levels. DHEA typically peaks in our 20’s. After our 20’s, supplementing is ideal for ensuring optimal levels. Supplementing DHEA is great for reaching peak physical performance. Can improve mental function, fight aging, fight depression, and improve sexual function.

Collagen– Helps prevent and reduce exercise related pain. Stimulates collagen regeneration and helps maintain healthy connective tissue.

LIVhealthyThe human body is exposed to a wide variety of toxins daily. The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ and provides enzyme systems that safely process and remove toxins. LIVhealthy can be used as a stand-alone product or as part of the Athlete Stack. The specialized blend of nutrients in LIVhealthy has been shown to support Phase I and II liver detoxification and boost liver health.